Finally A Jumpsuit


I have been craving a jump suit for ages. I don’t know whether it is the 70s / 80s retroness or the ease of which it is to wear but I have wanted one. And when I want something this badly, then I know I have to make it. Of course I have no idea how to make a jumpsuit, but that is what the internet is for isn’t it.

Firstly I searched for the style I wanted. I settled on a shirt top with flowing trousers, and I wanted to make sure that there was no middle seam around the waist. Then I had to figure out what type of material was appropriate. The internet told me a woven material and so I listened and order 3 yards of black cotton knit fabric. Then I stared at it for a while as the weeks went by. Finally I decided to do it, I had a weekend all I needed to do was cut. Once I start to cut I know that I won’t stop until I have made at least something.

I lay on the fabric to get an idea of length and know from trouser making that you need some extra fabric for the bum and what type of shape that is. I also knew that I would need 4 pieces for the trousers and so I folded the fabric in half and cut. I cut straight up for the top as I figured I would shape that later once I had got the trousers together. I tacked up the trousers outer seam and sewed up the inner seams, tried it on, it felt ok and pined the top together a bit. I then tacked up the outer seams up to the arm holes and the back, then pinned the shoulders so I could get an idea of the shape. Once I was ok with that I sewed those seams.

Then I watched a lot of youtube videos.

I learnt how to sew the button fastenings for the front of a shirt, I learnt how to sew a collar and I learnt how to sew cuffs. The main thing I learnt though is that I had very little fabric left over from my three yards at the end. I attached the arms and made a belt and refitted the side and back seams a bit and put in some pockets. I love pockets and try to put them in everything, it is so much more practical when you are actually wearing the garment. And so it was finished. I lost the belt though, so have a temporary one until I can order some more material  to make new one. I am immensely proud of my creation and can’t wait to wear it out.



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