Pink Shiny Dress


In order to get me to come to the wood store, my husband offers me the chance to also go to this tiny indian fabric shop between an overpass and a main road. I have been twice so far, each time there is no one there except the lady behind the counter. I fight my way pass the shelves full of colourful bracelets and matching necklaces and earrings sets so sparkly I am momentarily distracted from my main mission. But there at the back of the shop are floor to ceiling bolts of fabric, in this small space I spent a good hour discovering the many beautiful options available.

When I saw this pink shiny fabric with large flowers all over it, I wanted it so badly I practically threw the fabric at the lady to cut it.I am a sucker for pink, I LOVE IT! The colour came to me later in life, I don’t ever remember wearing pink as a child. It is incredibly delicate as it is woven and so soft. I knew immediately I wanted to make a dress, I ummed and erred a lot over the shape and I settled on this one, to be honest I wanted a swisher skirt but I cut the fabric wrong for that, I will just have to do it on the next dress I make. I decided to a visible zip on the back of the dress to tone down the shininess a bit and of course put pockets in, I love dresses with pockets. It is now a staple in my wardrobe, perfect for the autumnal weather.

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