Autumn Flannel


I ordered some flannel by mistake, well I say by mistake I knew it was coming but I thought it was going to be a flat cotton that I could make some summer shorts out of.  I am quite excited by “city” shorts. Well really anything I think I can get away with wearing at work. To be fair to my work they really are very lax about what we actually wear, I might take it a little far sometimes though. In DC it is hot in the summer and I am a firm believer to dress as appropriate to the weather.

Anyway here I was with grey and purple plaid flannel and there was only one thing to do with it, I had to make it in to some pyjama bottoms. Luckily I had order 2 yards which it turns out is just enough material for pyjamas if you really fit the pattern in. This is the sixth pair of pyjamas I have made two pairs were for other people with various levels of success. With these ones though I think I have mastered it. The only thing I forgot to do was french seams.

I sewed these in 90 degree heat which seemed a little crazy at the time, now however the summer heat has finally broken and I can finally wear them without feeling like I am sitting in a sauna. The flannel is incredibly comfortable and I love the colours and the pattern. These are going to be perfect for the coming autumn and I can’t wait to cosy up in them on weekend morning sipping my coffee and faffing on the internet.


A tutorial is on its way for making these pyjamas.


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