Alterations, A New Top

IMG_8852 IMG_8868

For a long time I have altered clothes to fit me. Mostly because I love a bargain and in general when I get clothes from charity shops, markets, consignment stores it is more for the fabric than the item itself. The consignment shop near me has a $2 bin which is ridiculous for a magpie like me. I am in there every weekend trolling for bargains. The top that I altered here was just a cheap buy from a store. I liked the idea of the holes and how I can put really colourful tops underneath which will show through. It is also grey and apparently I love grey at the moment as it seems to be the colour I am dressing in everyday (it is very easy for work).

I didn’t like the shape of this top/dress so I simply chopped the bottom off and did a quick sew around to hem it again. I found that the bit I had cut off was quite large and so I hemmed that too and am going to wear it as a scarf. I am quite pleased with both of them.


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