My Amazing Sewing Machine

IMG_8462IMG_8874When I moved to the US my now husband made sure I had two things, he was actually quite insistent. The first was a bike. I used to bike everywhere in Bristol, London and Nottingham, it is my favourite mode of transport and I really missed my silver blue Raleigh racing bike when I left Nottingham. The second was a sewing machine. It turns out he knows me rather well. These are in fact, aside from my camera, my two favourite things in the world.

We searched on craigslist for both and there was a huge amount of choice but the one that really stood out was the Bernina. After a quick email we hopped in the car exchanged some cash and I came home cuddling my new sewing machine. I have had it now for 7 years and it has been wonderful. A few weeks ago I realised that my machine had come with lots of different feet. I have only ever used 2 feet that came with the machine, the straight forward #1 straight stitch and the #3 which helps to put in invisible zips. I couldn’t imagine what the other feet were for.

The internet of course came to the rescue and wow, what a revelation. It turns out these feet do amazing things. Amazing! I have tired a few out and they have changed my sewing life. It turns out my machine can pretty much do anything and everything. I have a top stitcher, an invisible hem foot, an appliqué foot and a button hole foot. I am so excited to use them on my sewing it is incredible. In order to remember how to use each foot I will make a little tutorial for myself and post it up here when I have done it. For now though I am going to revel in how amazing my machine is and what it can do!


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