Polka Dot Trousers

IMG_8609Over christmas last year I made my first ever pair of trousers. It was a bit of trial and error and there was quite a lot of tittering from my family due to the material I chose (it was very much like something my granny might have created something out of). Finally I figured out what to do and I have become rather addicted to making my own trousers. I love being able to dictate their shape, and have become keen on very narrow legged trousers of late.

A lovely lady at work had some amazing yellow chord trousers which I have been craving ever since, however I have the material but chord is hard and so I wanted to make another pair first as a practise pair. I bought some remnant material from my favourite fabric store ($2.99 a yard!) and got to work.

The material is woven and I think cotton, there is a nice amount of stretch in the fabric which made fitting the trousers much easier. They were a little pyjama like when I first tried them so I decided to put polka dot ribbon down the side. The bottom of the trouser leg has zips so that I could make it narrow and still get my feet in and the fastening at the top was my first ever fly. More about that in a later post. These were pretty successful and I think I have the confidence to chop the yellow corduroy and get making pretty soon!polka dots


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