Hello! My name is Annie, I have started this blog to document my sewing adventures and as a reminder of the exciting things I am learning. I was blogging at  nimble fingers and steady eyebrows with my lovely friend Laura for a good few years, but just as she did, I finally decided to break out on my own. She now blogs at  circle of pine trees , a beautifully written and fabulously photographed blog I am sure you have all popped over there but in case you haven’t do take a look, it is the stuff dreams are made of.

This blog is going to focus on sewing, all things sewing, well and maybe some knitting if I ever pick up my needles again. I have grand plans when it comes to things made and more often than not they work out, sometimes it takes a few adjustments though. I am not really one for patterns, for one thing, I don’t know how to read them and for another I tend to get bored and just go off on my own anyway. I love the act of creating, I love the challenge of construction and more than anything, I love to make my own clothes, they fit, they are in fabrics I adore and I feel so happy when I am wearing them.

I hope you enjoy the blog, I love chatting about craft related things and am looking forward to documenting this new journey.

Oh and as for the name, well, I really do try to be a smart sophisticated dresser but really all I want to do is drape myself in colourful pom poms and dance about in a tutu.


*some fierce modelling poses (I do smile I promise) and some of the clothes I have made so far.


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